Walther Jumbo Black Very Large Photo Album

Walther Jumbo Black very large photo albums
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Jumbo Black albums are very large photo albums with heavy textured leather-look covers in black, burgundy or blue, featuring stitching around the edges for an impressive presentation.  Made in The Netherlands, these large photo albums have 40 acid-free black pages (80 surfaces) with interleaving.

Jumbo Black very large photo albums will take a wide range of photographic sizes as detailed below, and have a huge capacity.  With their beautiful presentation, they are an ideal album for family travels and histories, or special occasions such as birthdays, engagements, weddings.

This is a Walther Jumbo Black photo album with black pages (item # 28JUx12B).


Jumbo Black photo albums have a cover size of 37x37cm, with 40 black acid-free leaves (80 surfaces) with rice-paper interleaving between each leaf. Usable page surface (the maximum area of each page onto which you can safely mount photos) is 325 mm wide x 351 mm high. Each Jumbo album has a capacity of up to 560 photos 6″x4″ (10x15cm) at a squeeze, but more comfortably 480 photos 6″x4″, or 320 photos 5″x5″ or 7″x5″. It will even take enlargements up to 8″x12″ either way, or a huge 12″x12″.  The image shows this album with six photos 6×4 on one surface.